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Why you should stay clear of website builders

Why you should stay clear of website builders

Website builders such as Godaddy, Zoho and Yell are very convenient and can set a company website up very easily, however they do come with problems that can harm your company in the long term when it comes to growth (for both growing pains and maintaining high traffic).

Here are 3 big reasons why you should consider swerving away from them!


One of the most important components of company growth to begin with is ensuring that your coding and content is very SEO compatible. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which helps you rank better on Google to grow organic traffic to the site. On-page SEO is all about coding and structure of the site, which is incredibly important.

This is where website builders fall flat, they are extremely messy from a coding perspective as you can’t clean it up yourself as they only hand you a WP-Bakery style block builder with 0 customisation. They don’t highlight the steps necessary to clean up each page individually to best optimize the experience for the customer. This will make it incredibly hard to work your way up Google. Being on a website builder also means you won’t be on a server alone, which can seriously hinder the site speed (which, you guessed it, affects SEO).

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Website Ownership

If your website is on a website building platform, you don’t technically own the entire website. This can be a problem as website builders usually run on their own web technology, which makes transferring your site onto a different builder/system an absolute nightmare as parts exclusive to the builder will be lost.

The only way to guarantee full ownership of the website is to register the hosting and domain on your behalf and build your website on a standalone (non-proprietary) platform like WordPress or Drupal.

Not Always Mobile Friendly

This is the big one. The importance of having a mobile-friendly website is vital for business growth. Pretty much your entire target audience will have access to a phone which makes it that much more important.

Sometimes when you use a website builder however, you aren’t going to get a responsive website design. Sure, it may look alright on a desktop computer, but as soon as you move on to tablet or mobile, it loses some of its quality.

It’s very important for a website to work on all devices! This is because users are mainly accessing the web from their mobile or tablet devices. If you do use a website builder, research sites that use the same one and check to make sure it is high quality when displayed on a mobile device!

What do you think? Do you like website builders or use them for your customers? Comment below!

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