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Here is a list of our services provided at Tectonic Digital:


SEO is an acronym which stands for search engine optimization, which is a massive marketing strategy that focuses on your website’s presence in search results on search engines.

Here at Tectonic Digital, we create a SEO plan for you so we know how to best optimize your website and push you up in the search engines.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click (which lives up to its name). It’s a strategy where you only pay when people click on your advertisement. High conversion rates alongside PPC can be advertising gold

We can offer PPC strategies at various price points to give you as much flexibility for your company as possible. Contact us today on the various ways we can introduce PPC into your business.

Social Media

Social Media is vital these days. With so many social channels with millions of potential customers, it would be crazy not to dive into the large social bubble and scream about your business from the rooftop!

We are adverse in all the necessary social media platforms and provide services like social content building, social media management as well as running ads on all the platforms.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic way to re-capture your existing customers with the latest products, news and discounts your company releases. It is a easier and softer sell to customers as the majority will be returning.

There are plenty of ways to fully utilise Email marketing for your company, which is why we pride ourselves with such high quality when it comes to it.

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Analysis & CRO

Analysis is vital for business growth. It can show you which parts of the company are flying high and which ones need some improvement. There is no limit to what you can track (depending on the web builder you use).

At Tectonic, we set this all up at the beginning so we can keep you updated with how the results our other strategies have brought to your website, making the job of forecasting a lot easier for both you and us!

Any services you need not listed on this page?

Enquire for additional services and we will tell you if it can fit into the plan!