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Why is PPC Important?

Why is PPC Important?

So you’ve already started your online business, you are slowly building up organic sales from all the hard work put into SEO, but you’re reaching your peak season in your industry. How do you jump the queue and show your brand off in a time when conversions will be a lot higher? The answer is PPC, but why does it help? Why is PPC so important?

Can grow traffic, fast. 

The big one for many companies, high website traffic not only means brand recognition, but can seriously convert those clicks into sales. The more people that engage with your website means an extra person that will remember the name. For more niche industries this is an absolute win for you, as you won’t be competing with as many people.

Push your products quicker.

So you have an amazing product, at a reasonable price, in which you get a good margin from, however the factor holding you back is that you’re new to the market? PPC is a fantastic tool to help push that even further for you. Google Shopping ads are a fantastic way to show your product next to your competitors.

Can push local services easier

So let’s say you are a hands on service and only want to target a 20 mile radius from your place of work? PPC can aid this style of business just as much as it would for eCommerce! You can set up campaigns that only target your local area which means that you push your service to those who are already warm leads due to the proximity between you and them.

Can be cost-efficient

If you set your keywords up smartly, you can make some serious return on investment! If you know Google Ads, then you know that trying to get clicked on popular keywords is going to cost you a fortune (even if your ad appears on page 10). We recommend using Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest service to find cheaper and more niche keywords that still target what you’re selling! 

Not only that, but you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on the link! This makes low traffic cost-free but when you get serious numbers the conversion rate will make the investment worth it.

You need to take into account that your website is key to sales, so major traffic from PPC may not work if the link takes them to somewhere they don’t trust!

If you’d like some help in anything discussed today, don’t be afraid to enquire here or call us!

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