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How can your business utilise Social Media?

How can your business utilise Social Media?

When it comes to business in 2021, it is all about growing an online presence so new customers can find you. But which platforms are best for each type of business? Today we will give you our view on how your business can utilise social media for maximum growth.


Grouped together because they work side by side, Facebook and Instagram will most likely be everyone’s first social media platform to join with their business. For good reason to, as its user numbers blow all the others out of the water.

They are good for all businesses as you can reach so far for new traffic and can be easily shared among existing customers. They are also amazing from a posting point of view, as their dual functioned “Creator Studio” give you the ability to review and schedule posts, keeping it all tucked into one space.

For sure the obvious choice, however it might not always give you the best over others.


I don’t like LinkedIn, however annoyingly it is an amazing social platform. It is a great one to be on if you are working within an organisation. It very much focuses on the companies rather than the people, which makes it very easy to find out about competitors or even future customers.

I would recommend LinkedIn to any B2B company out there. Communication to MD’s of potential clients are only a message away which is bonkers. It is great for selling services to other businesses as networks are a lot easier to grow and posts are a lot easier to spread.


Twitter is a weird one for me from a digital marketing point of view. It’s an enigma for selling services or products as you almost aren’t allowed to be so direct about it.

It is less so about them liking the company as it is the people liking the admin that controls what the company says. However, an easier way is to use influencer marketing to jump onto trending tweets to gain visibility, but it is very hard to track how well it’s doing.  

Doing it right, Twitter can work wonders for a company’s image, but also runs risk of going the other way.


Pinterest is mainly used for visuals and candid shots of homes, cars and fashion. This means that if your company works within any of these, then it could just be what picks it up! Pinterest viewers only see the picture without text on mobile, meaning you need to get the message across visually.

I think Pinterest works best for businesses who are very stylish and design orientated. I think that if you sell a niche enough product or service, the conversion will follow. It is all about visuals and selling the idea that it works for the customer too.

So that’s my list, did I miss any major ones out? Which ones work for you? Comment below and while you’re at it, check out our other blogs!

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